Why is offshoring at an inflection point?


In this clip (which is taken from HARDtalk Episode 5) Deborah Kops discusses why Offshoring is at an inflection point with Erin lambert and why companies are moving closer to their markets.

We are at a point in time where automation has started driving the industry and a lot of companies are moving closer to their market. Therefore, offshoring is becoming less of a need. 

Does this mean that offshoring is dead? If not, what made it so attractive in the past?

Erin Lambert, Global Head of Sourcing at Bloomberg, discuss the present and future of offshoring in this uprising industry. 

Continuous Improvement:

Erin explains the importance of continuously improving the quality product and interaction to enhance the client relationship.


Furthermore, Erin discusses why facetime is crucial to Offshoring success!

Never Settle:

Offshoring clients are no longer willing to settle and Erin details why.

Is  Offshoring dead?

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Watch the full episode
Watch the full episode

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